A Party for Antioch, August 25, 2012

Several weeks ago, out of the blue, I had this phrase stuck in my head “Let’s do something Good.” I was driving on the freeway and it was a random thought. But it didn’t pass, it just sat there in the back of my mind like thoughts tend to when they come from Someone bigger than me. I started to wonder if I could put something together that would be fun and bless our friends and at the same time accomplish “something good.”

So I prayed about it…and started moving forward. There were MANY times when I started to doubt that I could pull it all together, feel stupid or embarrassed for even trying, but each time I felt like I would see confirmations from the Lord that I should quit with all the doubt and worry about things that don’t matter and just keep moving forward.

I had no idea what the Lord had planned but I went with it.

With help from my husband and my sister, and so many contributions from our friends and some really cool shops, we were able to host a party and raffle that raised over $550 for Antioch Adoptions here in town. Which was totally amazing!! Thank you to everyone that helped us out – we were so blessed by what the Lord was able to accomplish! I took the donations to Antioch this afternoon and I am so excited that we were all able to help them out even a little!
PS Homemade photo-booths are SUPER fun :)
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