Adorable Brothers

These are some gorgeous brothers…that’s not hard to see.
OK, so they weren’t all that excited about hanging out with me but I totally get that. They had no idea who the crazy lady with the camera was…even though I DID help out with their mom’s church youth group when she was in HIGH SCHOOL.
Yeah, I’m not feeling old right now….not one little bit. Hah.
I loved taking these pictures. These boys are so photogenic and adorable. We tried so hard to get Big Brother to sit next to his new baby brother for some photos for their grandmother… man, did I try. I broke out the crackers, the cookies, all the non-pink/sparkly/frilly toys I could find in my house – you name it. Thankfully we did get some brother kisses in there and some great shots of his gorgeous eyes….these guys are knockouts! Thanks for tolerating me Big Brother! :)
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