New Year’s Sparkle Skirt

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It seems like glitter and sequins are everywhere this year…or maybe it’s just that after so many years of being surrounded by princesses and sparkles and glitter from our girls, I’ve finally succumbed to a love of glitter. I am most inspired by glitter that’s combined with a little bit of messiness and rawness. I like the juxtaposition of two different kinds of styles and textiles. I made this skirt for my middle girlie’s birthday this year and it ended up being perfect for Christmas and New Year’s as well.


I used 2 yards of Tulle so the skirt has a LOT of bounce and fluff which she LOVES. Then I layered Taffeta and a sheer fabric with sparkles on it for the body of the skirt. I did a simple skirt, just sewed the ends to my fabrics together to make a circle and then stitched a fold in the top to pull elastic through. I got too into the project and didn’t take photos of my process but you can find all kind of easy skirt tutorials on Pinterest. The real awesomeness of this skirt is in the details.


After I sewed the main body of the skirt, I added a layer of gold glitter fabric to the bottom, I cut it in a crown – like, wave shape so that it would be more of a gradual glittering and not a blocked chunk on the bottom. I left all of the edges of my sheer fabrics raw – I like the edginess it added to the super girlie feel of this skirt. It does string a little and I’m sure that if I was doing things the right way that there’s some kind of finishing something that I could use to keep them from stringing but I didn’t have a lot of time and it’s not too much of a problem for a skirt that is worn for fancy occasions only :)

I also added a strip of glitter ribbon to the bottom of the taffeta layer…I’m kind of addicted to this ribbon. I’ve made headbands for the girls, I’ve used it to design some custom invites for a friend, I’m still scheming on ways to use it because it’s gorgeous. I found it at Joann’s.



She’s pretty happy with the skirt…



CoupleJones Sparkle Skirt

jacket and hat from Gap, scarf from American Eagle, boots from Old Navy

Glitter just makes us happy.

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