DIY Kindle Case

When I was in Elementary School and Jr High, we always had to cover our school books. Did you do that too? I LOVED it. I loved covering the boring design of my math books or history books with a more BEAUTIFUL design…my favorites were Lisa Frank and Mary Engelbert…did you love those too? Chances are, if you were a child of the late 80’s – early 90’s, you did. Who doesn’t love fluorescent unicorns?











I think my past love of book covers is what prompted me to make my own case for the new Kindle Zac got me for Christmas. (AWESOME HUSBAND!!) I love my Kindle…it’s such a fun new toy! It plays music too – I’m in heaven. Books and music all at easy reach – did I mention cartoons for when I’m at the dr’s office with my three crazy talkative girls? Yes! Ok. So this awesomeness was floating around with no cover and instead of buying one that was pretty sterile and tech-y looking I decided to personalize it a bit. I started with some felt cut to a size that would wrap around the Kindle…I had every intention of getting this started real quick-like while my girls were watching a cartoon…sadly it was too close to that crazy hour we call dinnertime and the baby was NOT digging my decision. That’s her “fit stance”…sprawled on the floor, screaming.


So while holding the baby and talking to my middlest about how dinner was ALMOST ready and how No, she could not have ANOTHER apple because dinner was ALMOST ready,  I trimmed the felt to the right size.

I decided to wait until we put the kids to bed to get this thing finished. Surprised? ;)

I used two vintage handkerchiefs I got at a garage sale this summer. I sewed them around the felt like you would a pillow case, back to back and leaving a small opening to flip the square inside out after seaming… (oh and I definitely used my seam ripper because I was going too quickly and sewed the thing the wrong direction). Then when they were right side out, I sewed around the outside again so that the square would stay crisp.

2013-01-08 20.52.33

I used a piece of paper over the lit up Kindle to trace the size of the screen so that I could cut a hole through the felt that would allow me to read while the Kindle was still in it’s case.  Don’t push very hard with your pencil- just barely line the screen, too much pressure could damage it I think.


Then I cut a square out of felt that would hold the Kindle inside it’s case and used the traced and cut out square of paper to cut out the center of the square for reading. I sewed that square to the inside of the envelope. I forgot to document that process but it’s pretty straightforward.


This is the finished project and I love it. My high tech toy, but still vintage and fun :) PS I’m trying SO hard to drink more water and keep my resolution going (read about that HERE)


I snagged these handkerchiefs because I have family in both states and they are important places to me. I had some left over glitter ribbon from the Sparkle Skirt I made for my middlest girl’s birthday and some white trim left over from her quilt that I added just for fun.


To keep the envelope closed, I hand stitched a button to one side and a long ribbon to the other side, when the envelope is closed you can wind the ribbon around the button and it stays closed perfectly. I LOVE avoiding working on things like snaps and buttonholes ;) The easier and quicker, the better!



I love the way this turned out. It’s a little quirky but that makes sense. :) I know I could have gone out and bought a case, but this was more fun. And practically, the thick fabric will be a pretty good defense from all the fluids and sticky fingers flying around in my life right now…spilled drinks, etc.


My attempts at action shots – real life is represented here. I had just gotten ready in real clothes (ie not sweats or pj bottoms) and we were almost walking out the door and the baby pushes through my legs but not without dragging her extremely runny nose across my pants. Corduroy is AWESOME for gathering snot…I didn’t know that. Now I do :)

I know this is a fairly nerdy DIY but I hope it inspires you to do something fun of your own, make something more personal to who you are :) emily


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  1. Katie

     /  January 9, 2013

    You definitely do inspire me!! Love the real life action shots by your oldest!!

    • Thank you Katie! You are so sweet :) And yes Lu took all of the shots of me…I’m getting her started young so maybe she will share my love of photography :)

  2. What a great eReader case! Thanks for sharing. <3


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