Little Things

Hi! Happy Friday! I am going to jump in and participate in Hello Hue’s Little Things link up today – I LOVE this idea! Especially with a full week of crazy kids and responsibilities, it’s such a great practice to look around for the small things that make life awesome.

Hello Hue Little Things
1. I LOVE that there’s always a child in my photos. Just boppin’ around. This is real and it’s so fun.


2. I LOVE Vintage hunting, I LOVE Pyrex and Fire King dishes. We had a particularly successful adventure this weekend and brought these two beauties home – I think I’m going to turn them into candles this week so I can share the love. I’ve never made candles before so we’ll see how that turns out! :)


3. I love seeing this girl start to show a love of learning. She is so into it! It can be exhausting because there are always questions to answer and sometimes my brain just hurts from thinking so much but I love that I get to be one of her first teachers and I’m doing my best to give her good answers and encourage her curiosity.


4. I love how much she loves this dollar store crown. My sister gave it to her for her birthday and it is on constantly. I’ve glued it several times. It’s a precious item.


5. Our view has been beautiful the past few days. It is freezing outside but when it’s super cold the sky gets so clear and everything is crisp and beautiful. Trying to savor that and not wish it away in exchange for some summer warmth. That will come soon enough.


6. The back of her neck. Baby in the bath. Love. She won’t be able to fit in the sink for much longer.


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  1. That last pic is priceless. Makes you want to lean over and kiss that neck!

  2. charis

     /  January 11, 2013

    I got to smooch that neck today, and it was sweet! My sweet little niece.

  3. Isn’t it the sweetest thing when they’re so engrossed in learning something new?! Beautiful shots and a lovely blog.

    Delighted to have found you through the Hello Hue linky, and I’m now following you via bloglovin’. Happy Saturday!

    • Thank you! Your blog is lovely too! I’m in LOVE with that laundry tin you found! I’m going to have to research to see if it’s in our area! Thank you for following! I will be following you on bloglovin as well! :) em

  4. I love that clutch in the first picture. It is adorable, and I agree there is nothing better than hunting for cute vintage pieces. I could spend hours shopping at vintage/antique stores.

    *** Over from the little things linkup! ***

    • Thank you Nicky! It’s actually my Kindle in it’s case that I made with some vintage handkerchiefs…I put my DIY up for it this week if you’re interested! :) Thanks for reading! :) em


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