Little Things

IMG_6484 Candles1 LittleThings2a LittleThings1
Lots of fun little thing making this week awesome.

1. Playing around with my camera, teaching myself how to make heart bokeh with Christmas lights and using it for a fun photo shoot with the kids
2. I am working on writing up a post for next week about a simple way to re-purpose one of my favorite things : vintage Pyrex and Fire King dishes. Just looking at those fun vintage patterns makes me happy!
3. I felt like working on something crafty but only had an hour so I whipped out this painting inspired by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. And I love it. We love music and this is a great way to have one of our favorite songs be a part of our home.
4. We found a cookie jar at Target this week…it’s adorable and will solve the issue that I have with baking cookies and then forgetting to cover them so they don’t go stale. Zac will be thankful for this solution.
5. We are also giving away lots of free prints this week HERE and HERE and I love that! Happy weekend!!

Hello Hue Little Things

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  1. I love, love your canvas! And that song.

    • Thank you!! I got the idea from Elsie Larson’s A beautiful Mess blog…she made one from one of her favorite songs…LOVED the idea and it was so easy!

  2. Oh, love your photos! Those Pyrex dishes are TO DIE for! Did you thrift them yourself?

    Thanks for linking up with me, Em! Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Lindsay! I did thrift/garage sale all my dishes…garage sale-ing is one of our fav things to do in the summer ;) Love your blog! Thanks for hosting :)

  3. Hi. I adore those cups so much! I want to have something exactly as those. :D

  4. Such lovely photos. Bokeh is on my list of things to play around with in my photography too. I love the little hearts and I always enjoy seeing the little details around other people’s homes. The Pyrex reminds me of dishes we had in our kitchen when I was little. It’s funny how fashions and things like that come full circle isn’t it? :)

    • Thank you! Bokeh is so much fun! You should definitely give it a try – I just made my own heart filter out of paper in about 5 mins. So easy! It is funny how styles change over the years…I’m loving that the style right now is so accepting of quirky things with sentimental value for all of us :) Thank you for reading!!

  5. 01. I love your Pyrex!
    02. I love that song and that canvas! Totally going to copy you :)
    03. I love the Pyrex prints! Thank you!
    04. I am so excited that you are blogging so much! I love all the little peeks into your home and all your craft projects. And you are inspiring me to be better about dusting off my long-lost blog :)

    • Yay!! I love that you are blogging more! Love seeing your amazing pictures! Totally copy my canvas! I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess! I’m copying too :) <3 em


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