Easy Heart Wreath DIY

CoupleJones wreath  We had a little extra time the other morning, she wanted to draw and I thought I should PROBABLY take down and update the Christmas-y looking wreath on our front door…yeah…I know it’s February. When did that happen, by the way? See how I’m so on top of things? Heh.

This is my quick and easy update to my twig wreath (from JoAnn’s).

All you do is cut a BUNCH of hearts…


Overlap your hearts as you’d like them to be and sew a straight line along the center. Then use a glue gun to glue the heart garland around the circle as you’d like. I overlapped the ends of the garland so it was one continuous looking circle. As I was making this I was thinking I probably will make another heart garland like this and use it just as a garland because it was so cute.


Done! Avoid baby’s curiosity…


And enjoy!!





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  1. Oooh, I love this project … AND her sweet little dress! Thank you for the “how-to”!

  2. so pretty

  1. DIY Wreaths: Cool Accents For Doors & Walls

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