Featured on BonBonBreak.com Today!


Oh hi, that’s me…still not REAL comfortable with photos of me….kind of boring, right?

Last week, Kathy from BonBonBreak.com contacted me and asked if I would share our Embroidery for Slackers post in their issue that launched today! BonBon Break is such a fun resource! Just clicking around this morning, I’ve already found several articles and posts that I love and that are so helpful. We are so excited to be able to be a part of their issue this week. You should definitely check out their site and MAYBE give our article some comment love so we don’t get lonely :)

Have a GREAT Monday!! We will be back tomorrow with another adorable photo preview from last week!

Love, Emily

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  1. How fun! Checking out your article now :)

    • Thanks for the comments Katie!! Makes me feel a little less nervous about being on their site if blogger friends say hello :) Thanks for your support!

  2. Kind of adorable you mean! Heading over there now!


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