Featured on JustDawnelle.com!!

Our sweet friend, Dawnelle, has an amazing blog called JustDawnelle. Today she is helping us with our Do Something Good project! She created a beautiful inspiration board that includes our Space Kid print along with some other gorgeous items. Please pop over and take a look at her work and leave a comment telling her how awesome she is!!



And please don’t forget to join us by downloading our Space Kid print today and Doing Something Good for the kids served by Compassion International.


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  1. The word is spreading … and seriously, did I mention how cool I think that print is?!

    • Thank you Michelle!! We are doing our best to spread it and we are SO THANKFUL for wonderful friends who are lending their support too! :) I think it’s a pretty cool print but I’m kind of partial to my husband’s work :) He’s working on a children’s book right now! It’s going to be SO good.

  2. wysłodziny

     /  April 4, 2013

    Subscribed to your weblog, thank you


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