Weekend accomplishments!


Finished this Heart Marquee this morning and I am SO excited!! I followed a super simple tutorial from Oh Sweet Joy that you can find here: http://www.ohsweetjoy.com/2013/02/diy-vintage-heart-marquee-light-tutorial.html?m=1

I am going to use it for some photo shoots in the next few weeks but the possibilities are endless!! I am already thinking of so many places I want to use it! You should stop by Oh Sweet Joy and then go make one for your home!
Do you have any fun, creative weekend plans?
Happy Saturday!

Easy Heart Wreath DIY

CoupleJones wreath  We had a little extra time the other morning, she wanted to draw and I thought I should PROBABLY take down and update the Christmas-y looking wreath on our front door…yeah…I know it’s February. When did that happen, by the way? See how I’m so on top of things? Heh.

This is my quick and easy update to my twig wreath (from JoAnn’s).

All you do is cut a BUNCH of hearts…


Overlap your hearts as you’d like them to be and sew a straight line along the center. Then use a glue gun to glue the heart garland around the circle as you’d like. I overlapped the ends of the garland so it was one continuous looking circle. As I was making this I was thinking I probably will make another heart garland like this and use it just as a garland because it was so cute.


Done! Avoid baby’s curiosity…


And enjoy!!





Our big girl bed featured in Casey Wiegand’s DIY Round – up on DisneyBaby.com

We are so excited that our pallet bed from THIS post  has been included in Casey Wiegand’s DIY for Baby round up on DisneyBaby.com’s blog!! Come take a look at all of the adorable projects featured in the group! And follow A Little Artsy for so many fun DIY projects and amazing inspiration!

DisneyBaby.com DIY for Baby round up by Casey Wiegand

You can view our original post and see how we whipped together a SUPER easy twin bed for our middle girl by clicking on the picture below!

Big Girl bed CoupleJones


Our Valentine print as styled by Katie of My Darling Days


Katie of My Darling Days is sharing how she found and framed one of our free Valentine’s Day prints on her blog today! We get so excited to see that something we’ve made makes someone’s day or home brighter – it made my day to see our print on her blog! Thanks so much for sharing Katie! Love it!

Pop over to her AWESOME blog today to see how she styled it!

PhotobucketOne of the free prints in our shop, see that bright red “Free Stuff” button to the right? Click it for more!CoupleJones.com Print

Doors on Walls! Guest posting at A Little Artsy

CoupleJones Door

Hello! So I took a breather week this week and did some much needed clean up around our house. I’ll be back with more next week hopefully but we are guest posting over at Casey’s A Little Artsy blog this weekend so stop by there to check out some of our unconventional home decor!

a little artsy

DIY Vintage Pyrex Candle Love

CoupleJones Candles

I have a little bit of a collection of vintage dishes…Or maybe I’m kind of obsessed with them. But I can really get behind a collection that is both pretty AND practical like these dishes are. My favorites are Pyrex and Fire King dishes and I LOVE going on hunts for them at garage sales. My collection is getting a little out of hand so I thought I’d share some of the Pyrex love and repurpose some of my coffee mugs as candles. I had never made candles so I was a little bit nervous – but I like a challenge!

I started by heading to Hobby Lobby where I found everything I needed – candle making wax ( I chose Creme Wax so it would be a nice creamy color), premade wicks, and candle scent. I also grabbed some clothes pins that I already had with the intention of balancing them on the cups to hold the wicks in place while the wax cooled…that didn’t work out like I planned…I’ll show you in a bit.

I melted the wax in an old pot that I had. I was a little worried about getting the wax off whatever I melted it in so I didn’t use my good pots. The directions on the wax said to use a double boiler but I don’t have one of those and this actually worked really well. I didn’t end up having a hard time cleaning the pot but I will recommend two things. 1. Plan on using all of the wax you melt, or have a throw away container to pour any leftover melted wax into so that it doesn’t sit in your pot while you are setting the candles up…don’t pour leftover wax down your drain. 2. Keep your empty pot warm by leaving the burner on a VERY low setting so that the wax residue stays melted until you are ready to wash the pot. I just used warm water and dish soap and my pot was fine. (That was more than two things, I think)

CoupleJones Candles

Your burner only needs to be on low…no need for boiling wax. Then slowly pour the wax into your cups…you will see that I am horrible at pouring without making a mess…kind of a clutz here. But the spilled wax wasn’t a big deal because I put painter’s paper down to protect my counter and once the candles were cooled, I just used a warm sponge to wipe of the excess wax from the outside of the cup.

Once you have the wax in the cups, add your scent. The oil I got from Hobby Lobby said to add ten drops but I added more…I could tell that 10 drops was going to be too light of a scent. So just start by following the directions on the oil you buy and fudge the numbers a bit if you want a stronger smelliness…not sure that’s a word. Oh well.

CoupleJones Candles

My original plan was to use a clothes pin balanced on the edge of the cup to hold the wick up but as you can see, my pins weren’t long enough to stay across the cup…lucky thing I had some leftover skewers in the drawer (from some chocolate dipped marshmallows I made a while back – yum!)…I just laid those puppies across the cups and put the clothes pins on top. Worked fabulously! Bam! Kinda feel like a 007 crafter when I work things out on the fly like that. Just call me Jones, Em Jones.
So the cups sat there for a bit…probably 45-60 mins and then they were good to go!

CoupleJones Candles

I love them. Now I’m on the hunt in my house for other cute containers that I could turn into candles. I made one for myself and two for some sweet friends…Got to get to the post office now! Thanks for reading! Hope this inspires you to try it. PS Don’t leave candles unattended and be SUPER careful with the hot wax, especially if you have little ones running around…that’s my disclaimer but this was really so much fun!

Because I’m SUCH a big fan of the patterns on these vintage dishes, I made two 8×10 prints featuring my favorite of all of the patterns that I own. They are pretty perfect for Valentine’s Day or all year round if you LOVE vintage as much as I do.


Vintage Dishes themed FREE Love Print


CoupleJones Love Print I LOVE vintage Pyrex and Fire King dishes. I have a little bit of a collection going.

I have a tutorial for a fun way to re-purpose them planned for next week and to go along with that tutorial, I made these two prints using my favorite patterns from my collection.

Our prints are SO easy – just click, download, print on your home printer or at your favorite place to print photos and share in your home or with a friend! Enjoy!

Happy FRIDAY!!

CoupleJones Love Print

Pretty (and FREE!) new prints

CoupleJones.com Print

We added some Love themed prints to our CoupleJones Print Shop today. Just in time to lovely up your home for the month of February!

(PS. They’re free! Cuz we LOVE free stuff and we know you do too.)

Our prints are SO easy…just click, download, print and SHARE!

CoupleJones Print

Embroidery for Slackers and Free Light Bulb pattern


UPDATE: Welcome to our visitors from BonBon Break! We are so happy to have you! I hope you enjoy this article! If you’d like to keep in touch, we’d love it so much if you followed our blog or find us on Facebook and Twitter . We love new friends!

Several years ago, we moved from our first teeny little house. For a little over 3 months after, we had to rent while we waited for our new home to be built. We wanted to save as much money as possible so we rented a one bedroom apartment – it was us and our two year old and as much stuff as wouldn’t fit in our cheap storage unit squeezed into a VERY small space and the sewing machine did not make the cut. So I decided to try embroidery for the first time.

That doesn’t mean I researched the correct way to do it or anything…that’s not really my style. I just sat down and tried it. I probably still don’t know the “right” way to do it but it’s an easy enough thing to sit down and experiment with and get going. Let’s just call my method, Embroidery for Slackers :)


Our kids are hilarious (in our humble opinion) and I’ve been trying to find fun ways to memorialize the funny things they say. My Middlest came up with a JEWEL a few weeks ago that STILL makes me laugh when I think about it…and so I thought “embroider it”, OBVIOUSLY- duh.

Sorry if the word “toot” is offensive. I think it’s hilarious. My Oldest was teaching the Middlest to play “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot” and our middle girl got so excited to be playing that she got a little mixed up and yelled “Rock! Paper! Snickers! Toot!” and HILARITY ensued. Ha!
If you don’t have kids around to say funny things, you can also use your favorite song lyrics or quotes.


These are detail pictures of the quilt I was working on when we were in that little apartment. I drew some of our daughter’s favorite book characters and then embroidered them and used them as quilt squares for her big girl quilt when we moved her from her crib. It is so fun, I am so glad I tried it!

This is a really easy thing to pick up and try so I am including some close ups of the stitches I used on these two pieces. I also am giving away the light bulb pattern for free in case anyone wants to use it. Click over to our SHOP to download the Pdf and then simply place your fabric over the print out and trace.

This would be an easy pattern for a child to try out as well if anyone has elementary aged kiddos who are interested in learning to sew.



Thanks for reading! I hope you give this a try if it looks like fun! Do your kids say funny things that you record somewhere? I’d love to hear how you keep track of them! AND their funniest quote! Em

DIY Twin Bed from Wood Pallets


Our middle daughter just graduated to her big girl bed. She’s sleeping in it tonight for the first time and so far we haven’t heard a peep so I think she likes it! After looking around at cheap twin bed frames that were either boring or particle board or both, we decided to make our own out of wood pallets. I’ve seen a lot of projects like this floating around the internet but the one that inspired me the most was the pallet bed that Ashley from Under the Sycamore made a few years ago. It’s beautiful —> http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2009/06/29/diy-pallet-reading-bed-for-the-nursery/

So the first task to tackle for us was to FIND pallets. I really hoped we could find some pallets made with bare wood that hadn’t been treated with any chemicals. We also wanted sturdy pallets that hadn’t been beaten up by whatever they had been created to carry. So we went on a hunt to Home Depot. I love Home Depot. But this was not something that our local Home Depot guys had ever heard of. We got several looks of disbelief and had to talk to several different associates before we were able to communicate that yes, we did want to buy a pallet. Yes, we know what a pallet is. No, we don’t want to rent it…we want to own it…for, like, forever. Apparently, it’s not standard procedure to sell pallets at Home Depot. So make sure you talk to your friendly sales associates before you head out on your search. I think they sold them to us just because they were tired of talking to us about them. We got each pallet for $15. You never know if you don’t ask, right? ;)

We brought them home and laid them side by side. We decided to cut the extra lengths of the support boards off on what would be the bottom of the bed so that they were flush with the studs.

2012-12-04 20.04

2012-12-05 11.17.01

Then we attached our studs. We used 2x4s. One attached to each side of the pallets so that there were two studs extending the length of the bed. We also put one down the center so that the bed is really solid – we’re assuming that at some point our toddler will jump on her bed. :)

2012-12-05 11.16.48

After the studs were on, we were able to flip the bed upright. We looked at several different options to use for legs on the bed but I really liked the unique look that Ashley’s bed had with the wheels she used. We were REALLY glad we used the wheels this afternoon when we moved this sucker from the garage to the house. It’s a sturdy, heavy thing and it was pretty awesome to be able to roll it halfway there!

2012-12-06 14.37.49

I thought about leaving the bed raw but I thought it would be fun to use some stain we already had…I’m kind of in love with the way it brought out the wood grain along with the labels on the pallet.

2012-12-10 11.25.24

I ended up putting two coats of stain on because the first coat was a little uneven in spots …I’m a novice wood stainer ;) But the finished look still has plenty of the wood grain showing through.

2012-12-10 11.25.44

We let the stain dry for a day or so – I think you’re supposed to let it dry for 24 hours but we’ve got a lot going on so it was a few days before we added the polyurethane coat on. I wanted to seal the stain but not have the bed be super shiny so we used a satin finish and I just brushed on a very thin coat.

2012-12-12 12.46.44

Below is when the Polyurethane is still drying – it didn’t end up quite as shiny as this but it brought out the wood grain even more and just made it look rich.

2012-12-12 12.47.23

I love the final product. It adds a little roughness and country to her girlie girl room and that’s perfect for who she is. She’s a spunky kid.  *Please* ignore my threads that need to be cut – details like those often go unnoticed when you’ve got holiday preparations in full swing along with 3 small kids bopping around.


To finish the big girl bed, I made her a quilt based on one I’ve seen around Pinterest but I wasn’t able to find again. It was VERY easy because it doesn’t require a pattern, just horizontal strips of fabric. I added some scrap flowers to a seam I didn’t like looking at on one of the bigger prints. And the word “love” with some spare ric rac I had in my scraps box. Have you seen the Oh Deer! fabric line from Moda? I LOVE it. Love love it. I got all of my fabric (there’s some gorgeous prints from Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill collection in there too!) from FatQuarterShop.com. I love getting fabric from their site because I don’t have to take the girls into a store and browse – that’s STRESSFUL! :) Plus Fat Quarter Shop has SUCH an amazing selection.


 I scalloped the edges of the quilt because I knew we would only have a mattress on the bed (without a box spring) and I thought it would be cute. Those scallops were kind of a pain…I’m sure there’s a better, more “correct” way to sew them, but I had one day to get the thing finished in between all our Christmas prep so I did what worked…I probably wouldn’t do it again, except it IS pretty cute. And I love details that make my things a little unusual and unique.



The two pallets together ended up being about 8 inches longer than a standard twin mattress. We like that extra wood at the end because she can use it as a little step up to her bed…if you were making your own pallet bed, you could always saw off that extra space or buy an extra long twin mattress if it bugged you :)




I love the way this turned out!  I also love that we tackled making our own furniture together. It was a fun adventure that didn’t cost a ton of money… the bed itself only cost us $46 (the total cost of the pallets and the wheels) because we used stain and polyurethane we already had in our garage. It always pays to look around the garage and house before you start a project to see what you already have. I am constantly using scraps from my fabric stash or paint we already have purchased for other projects and it helps keep our costs low.

I hope you try this project for yourself! These would be great guest beds or could be altered a bit for outdoor furniture too! If we can do it – you can too!


(Print above bed is from Vol25 on Etsy)


Our newest DIY is almost ready to share!!


I’m so excited about how this project has turned out! I can’t wait to share it. Just need to find some sunlight to photograph it and move it into place! Yay!

And then, one day, we put a door on the wall…

My husband and I love to garage sale. One day we fell in love with a door at a random barn sale that we happened upon. We didn’t know what we were going to do with it…
PS For the last 2 years of living in our home, it has irked me that our stairway was boring, stark white. HOWEVER, the ceiling is SUPER high and I’m just not all the excited about hopping up on a ladder over stairs to paint said stairway and I’m equally unexcited about paying someone to hop up on a ladder and paint it for me.
SO… with the irking of the stairway going on and this lovely door that we found, a brainstorm happened.
It was one of those times when everything works out – the kids took a long nap, we were able to find the tools we needed, we didn’t argue about which side of the door was more attractive, you know, the BIG stuff ;) …my husband and I were on the same page and stoked about our weird little idea. And at the end of the day we had a door on our wall…now, I’m fully aware that MOST people will not love having a sideways door on their wall.  You probably don’t think a sideways door is awesome like we do…that’s totally fine… this is just an example of how we had an idea and went with it and love it. So find a color that you love or a painting or a piece of art and ROCK it! No one should only decorate their home based on what everyone else is doing ;)
CoupleJones Door 
Letters and tin from Hobby Lobby, lyric painting inspired by A Beautiful Mess (have you seen THIS post from Elsie? I LOVE it!) , Bunny Slippers painting by my Mother in Law :)
CoupleJones door

Jewelry display from half a pallet


Our party for Antioch Adoptions is coming up this weekend and this beautiful jewelry from 31 Bits was donated to our raffle. I needed a way to display it so I had Zac saw the end of an old pallet we had in our yard so that it looks like an old ladder. Gosh, I’m glad we still had these palleta left over from LAST SUMMER when we were putting in sod ….spending the winter layin’ around outside gave them some awesome texture….we SO meant to do that. Heh. I just painted the ladder with some paint I watered down so it would add to the weathered look and then screwed in some little hooks I picked up at Home Depot. I lo e the way it turned out!

Today’s Super Awesome Garage Sale Finds!!


Hello, my name is Emily and I’m addicted to Old Man Chairs…seriously, I think you can never have too many chairs, right? Zac says “Not Right”….

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