A Spin on our Child’s Skirt Tutorial for Sewing BEGINNERS! :)


We’ve gotten so much positive feedback from our readers about the Easy Skirt Tutorial I wrote last month, I thought I’d share a new variation of that same skirt.  This is the SAME skirt, the only difference is that I’ve sewn a contrasting band of fabric on to the bottom.

To start, you will need a yard of fabric ( I recommend starting with a simple cotton blend), a strip of contrasting fabric, elastic, thread, scissors, straight pins and a sewing machine.

 CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial2

Trim your two pieces of fabric so that they are the same length. In this photo, the fold in both pieces of fabric is on the far left. I’m trimming the side opposite the fold. Do NOT trim the fold.


Now, unfold both pieces of fabric and lay the trim piece on top of the skirt fabric. Pretty sides should be facing inwards so that they touch. Pin the tops of the fabric pieces together.


Stitch along the pinned side of the fabric.


Once you’ve sewn the two pieces of fabric together, unfold and lay flat so that the rough edge is up as shown in the first photo below. The fold flat against the fabric and sew down again. This will give the skirt a nice finished look  once it’s done.


Measure the child and decide how long you would like the skirt to be.


Add two inches for the folded waist band and a half inch for the hem – I wanted my daughter’s skirt to be 11 inches long so I cut my fabric to 14 inches so that I had enough extra to fold for the waistband and the hem. Make sure that when you are measuring, you pay attention to how wide your contrasting band will be – don’t cut it all off when you’re trimming, you might need to cut some from the top and bottom like I did here.


Once you have measured and cut your strip of fabric, click HERE to follow the original Skirt Tutorial

 CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial3

And this is what my final project looks like! Easy! And perfect for a kid who MUST WEAR A SKIRT EVERY DAY OR WE HAVE A MELTDOWN. And yes, she pretty much lives life in uppercase letters right now. Someday she will mellow out, right? Right?


I also wanted to say that if you ever give these tutorials a try and have questions or get stuck, please feel free to ask questions in the comments or on our Facebook page or Twitter page.

My goal is to make sewing easy and approachable and I would LOVE to help!


Annnnnd, my little photobomber – is it just me or is this straight out of Flashdance? “She’s a maniac, maaaniac on the floor…” Anyone?


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    Child's Skirt Tutorial for Sewing BEGINNERS! :)
    A Spin on our Child’s Skirt Tutorial for Sewing BEGINNERS! :)
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