Working more, please hold…


I have been busily working on photographing and editing sweet pictures like these so most of my blogging time is gone right now. I will try to get back this week with the giveaway I promised on Facebook when we reached 100 fans (thank you for that by the way – you guys are SO much fun! I just love meeting and interacting with our amazing readers and friends like this!!) BUT I may have to wait until after Easter.


We are also preparing to celebrate Jesus’s sacrifice for us this weekend. I want to make sure I take time to talk with the girls about why we get dressed up on Sunday and the significance of the Lord’s decision to give His son so that we all could have the opportunity to experience His love and the promise of Heaven one day.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Hopefully Spring weather has found it’s way to you all!





Instagram Randomness


Working on a fun way to remember the funny things our kids say – this one still cracks me up every time


Made a Swanson Stache cookie last week…do you love Ron Swanson as much as we do?


Since getting on last week we’ve been getting tons of visitors from all over the world. I had to look up a couple of places even! Are you familiar with Andorra? It’s in Europe and it looks gorgeous! And we had some readers from there. Fun fun! Happy Tuesday!

Little glimpses

Some little views of our girls’ rooms today. I’m cleaning our messy house today and I thought I’d share some glimpses that make me happy…even when the rest of the house is a DISASTER :) You can see more of our middle daughter’s room in our DIY for her pallet bed.

My talented sister made that fox scarf for the baby, I want her to make me one but I think she doesn’t think I could pull it off ;)


I made this mobile for the baby’s room and it’s still a work in progress even though I made it over a year ago – I keep tweaking it here and there…and I should mention that I don’t hang this over her crib. Those lanterns (from the Target $ section:) ) are kind of heavy and have glass in the panes and I just couldn’t be comfortable because I was worried it might fall. So it’s in the opposite corner.


I made this hanging mobile for my oldest – just for something fun to have in her room. My sister made her a box of origami cranes one year for her birthday and I didn’t want the cranes to get ruined so I hung them on thread.


A painting my Mother in Law painted when Zac was young, Oldest’s first pair of shoes, my tiara from prom court.

I knew that sucker would come in handy some day. ;)



A quick, framed thing I did with some fabric I used for the baby’s quilt to help tie the room together a bit more. A dresser we refinished – originally it was bright red with black crackle finish…yikes. Paid $10 for it at a garage sale – now it’s beautiful! And also attached to studs in the wall. Do you attach your furniture to studs so your kids won’t tip it? We do…scary stuff!


Another beautiful painting from my talented Mother in Law. The glider that I refinished when I was pregnant with our youngest. It used to be light, dated wood and dirty, denim cushions. I painted it the same color as the dresser and recovered the pads with a thick, dark pink fabric. I’ve spent many many nights rocking on that glider and it’s awesome. It was originally priced as $25 but when we hesitated the guy said he’d give it to us for $10 if we took it off his hands :) Deal.



An embroidery I did when I was pregnant with our Middlest.


Yarn letters are sooooo easy. I love the texture they add too. Cozy. :)


I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Little Things

Hi! Happy Friday! I am going to jump in and participate in Hello Hue’s Little Things link up today – I LOVE this idea! Especially with a full week of crazy kids and responsibilities, it’s such a great practice to look around for the small things that make life awesome.

Hello Hue Little Things
1. I LOVE that there’s always a child in my photos. Just boppin’ around. This is real and it’s so fun.


2. I LOVE Vintage hunting, I LOVE Pyrex and Fire King dishes. We had a particularly successful adventure this weekend and brought these two beauties home – I think I’m going to turn them into candles this week so I can share the love. I’ve never made candles before so we’ll see how that turns out! :)


3. I love seeing this girl start to show a love of learning. She is so into it! It can be exhausting because there are always questions to answer and sometimes my brain just hurts from thinking so much but I love that I get to be one of her first teachers and I’m doing my best to give her good answers and encourage her curiosity.


4. I love how much she loves this dollar store crown. My sister gave it to her for her birthday and it is on constantly. I’ve glued it several times. It’s a precious item.


5. Our view has been beautiful the past few days. It is freezing outside but when it’s super cold the sky gets so clear and everything is crisp and beautiful. Trying to savor that and not wish it away in exchange for some summer warmth. That will come soon enough.


6. The back of her neck. Baby in the bath. Love. She won’t be able to fit in the sink for much longer.


A cookie is a cookie


Sometimes the ugly cookie is the most delicious one…take that Pinterest…haha! Metaphor for life? Possibly. I think there can be wisdom in baked goods, don’t you? ;)

Instagram Weekend



We had a little adventure in our city this weekend. Didn’t take my good camera, just had my little (not an iphone) phone camera. It’s fun though, to try to get photos I like with the limitations I have to work around with my phone.
We went on a vintage hunt in some stores we’d heard about but had never been to. Fun. Our littlest was geeking out and pointing to everything in the stores that caught her eye…I think she’s a born vintage girl. Must have been all the garage sale-ing we did when I was pregnant. :)





What did you do this weekend? Hope it was a fun one!




A challenge for this month


Reading Romans 12 every day for the month of January with a group of our friends. Join us if you’d like! If you decide to join, leave us a note and let us know! I’m excited to see how the Lord works this month. You can also join in on our facebook page here —> CoupleJones on Facebook


PS It’s SUPER cold here!!! Brrrr!

New Art Prints in our shop!

New Art Prints in our shop!

“Poppy Stripes” is a new 8×10 digital print we released today on! Check it out! Pin it, Facebook it, Buy it! :)


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A Christmas Prayer – The Huffington Post Max Lucado’s prayer in response to the tragedy in Conneticut. We are praying for the sweet children and other victims and their families. Our hearts are with you.

Loving these Fall colors!


Annnd my Minnetonkas :-)

So awesome


No words needed.

I love where we live


Happy Summer!

My Collection


I’ve never been huge into collections…because they usually feel like clutter to me…but in the past two(ish) years, I’ve decided I need to have all the vintage Pyrex and/or Fire King dishes in our area. I found these today…they weren’t even on the tables but the lady running the garage sale asked me what I was looking for and when I mentioned the dishes she disappeared into the house and came out with these beauties!!! Score! I love love garage sales! Mostly for the fun finds but also cuz you get to interact with such fun people. Day. MADE.

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