Weekend Love

We got up early this weekend and went on a little morning trip way out North.







I had never been out this way before, we love to explore our city. Once again, we were in awe of the views that are just a short drive away from our home. We feel really blessed to love where we live as much as we do. Our drive was fun and gorgeous and at the end of it we got to meet a new friend that will be joining our family in a few short weeks. Meet our 6th member. His name is still to be agreed upon…stay tuned…


Linking up with Mary Beth at Annapolis & Company today, sharing our love of the weekend!


Falling for Friday and a PREVIEW!

Hello!! Today we are linking up with JustDawnelle and Kelly Westover for Falling for Friday!

Falling For Friday

These are the things we are LOVING this week!! A His and Hers edition! :)


1. Everything is Jake – We WILL be ordering that map at some point. It’s so perfect. —> Everything is Jake

2. The IT Crowd. Have you seen it? It’s awesome. —> The IT Crowd

3. Thomas Hammer Coffee is our FAVORITE local coffee, you can order from their website! —> Thomas Hammer Coffee

4. Oliver Jeffers is so inspiring. His children’s books are amazing works of art. —> Oliver Jeffers


1. I love all of the prints that Everything is Jake designs, especially the Oahu prints!  —> Everything is Jake

2. Lulu and ChaCha has BEAUTIFUL hair clips and headbands for babies and big girls. AND she has one of the most innovative ways of mixing and matching them that I’ve seen…it’s SO great because it’s cost effective too! She just added a bunch of pretty new Spring snaps! —> LuLu and ChaCha

3 PS I Adore You has SERIOUSLY beautiful products at super good prices every single day – I  want to buy EVERY SINGLE ITEM. And they donate part of their proceeds to childhood cancer research. Love! —> PS I Adore You

4. 31 Bits supports women in third world countries who would not otherwise be able to work. Their jewelry is GORGEOUS! —> 31 Bits


On Monday, we have an exciting collaboration with Cailamade to share!! This is my little sneak peak! I am SO excited to see what she comes up with. Caila has an AMAZING blog and I love everything she posts. I have known Caila since college and it’s been so exciting and inspiring to watch her start and grow Cailamade to what it is now. You guys have to check it out and follow if you haven’t already!

Caila is a veteran in this blog world and has been kind enough to let me bounce ideas off of her as I try to figure out my way. One thing we always seem to come back to is the idea that we want so much to be real in how we write. To encourage our readers and inspire them to take on new challenges…not exactly as we present them, but in their own way. We hope that our blogs will be uplifting! So this is a peak at our collaboration : encourage to inspire. Encourage others around you in whatever way you can so that they will be uplifted and inspired to move forward on their own goals and dreams!

This is going to be fun!


Come back Monday to see what we have planned and stop by Caila’s blog today to see her exciting preview!!

Weekend accomplishments!


Finished this Heart Marquee this morning and I am SO excited!! I followed a super simple tutorial from Oh Sweet Joy that you can find here: http://www.ohsweetjoy.com/2013/02/diy-vintage-heart-marquee-light-tutorial.html?m=1

I am going to use it for some photo shoots in the next few weeks but the possibilities are endless!! I am already thinking of so many places I want to use it! You should stop by Oh Sweet Joy and then go make one for your home!
Do you have any fun, creative weekend plans?
Happy Saturday!

Doors on Walls! Guest posting at A Little Artsy

CoupleJones Door

Hello! So I took a breather week this week and did some much needed clean up around our house. I’ll be back with more next week hopefully but we are guest posting over at Casey’s A Little Artsy blog this weekend so stop by there to check out some of our unconventional home decor!

a little artsy

Little Things

IMG_6484 Candles1 LittleThings2a LittleThings1
Lots of fun little thing making this week awesome.

1. Playing around with my camera, teaching myself how to make heart bokeh with Christmas lights and using it for a fun photo shoot with the kids
2. I am working on writing up a post for next week about a simple way to re-purpose one of my favorite things : vintage Pyrex and Fire King dishes. Just looking at those fun vintage patterns makes me happy!
3. I felt like working on something crafty but only had an hour so I whipped out this painting inspired by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. And I love it. We love music and this is a great way to have one of our favorite songs be a part of our home.
4. We found a cookie jar at Target this week…it’s adorable and will solve the issue that I have with baking cookies and then forgetting to cover them so they don’t go stale. Zac will be thankful for this solution.
5. We are also giving away lots of free prints this week HERE and HERE and I love that! Happy weekend!!

Hello Hue Little Things

Romans 12 challenge


Happy Sunday! I thought I’d check in with those of you who are participating in reading Romans 12 every day this month. I’m doing pretty good…I’ll confess I’ve forgotten a few days here and there. Oops! The above passage is one that’s really been sticking with me. EarIier this week, I shared with some friends on Instagram how verses 4-6 have been rolling around in my head. We are not all the same in our ability to minister…we all have different strengths and weaknesses so no one way of ministering is BEST or more CORRECT. Different parts of our physical body accomplish vastly different purposes for our survival and each purpose is extremely important. Even the smallest functioning part would be missed if it is taken away. I need to remember this when I start comparing myself to others. I shouldn’t feel “less than” because my personality and experiences are directed by the Lord so that I will be able to connect with others in a way unique to who I am in Him. So I need to knock it off with all the doubting I do and be confident in how the Lord has made me and in what I can possibly bring to others.

When I’ve talked to some of the others who are reading with us this month, it’s fun to see that they are thinking about the chapter from an entirely different angle. Feel like sharing? Have you been pondering over anything this month? We’d love to hear!

Also, we have been listening to a broadcast online at Truth For Life by Alistair Begg. It’s a four part look at Romans 12 and it’s really good!



Nerdy self portraits make all posts awesome, right? Geeking out about this Pyrex beauty I found yesterday : )

Instagram Weekend



We had a little adventure in our city this weekend. Didn’t take my good camera, just had my little (not an iphone) phone camera. It’s fun though, to try to get photos I like with the limitations I have to work around with my phone.
We went on a vintage hunt in some stores we’d heard about but had never been to. Fun. Our littlest was geeking out and pointing to everything in the stores that caught her eye…I think she’s a born vintage girl. Must have been all the garage sale-ing we did when I was pregnant. :)





What did you do this weekend? Hope it was a fun one!




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