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Emily Jones Photography preview

I absolutely LOVE when I get to photograph newborns – I love it even more when I get to see those newborns as they grow. This was Baby Girl this summer as a newborn, she was an itty bitty ALMOST 5 pounder and I was in heaven photographing her. She even gave me smiles… because we’re BFFs, of course. Her Aunties called me The Baby Whisperer, but I think it was just this beautiful girl being her sweet self!



And this is Baby Girl now at an even more beautiful and smiley 6 months. It is such a blessing to see babies flourish like this. Look at that smile!


She is SO well loved. And she kind of has a thing for her Daddy.


Gorgeous girl!! Thank you guys for bringing her to see me and letting me capture your sweet family! It was such a blessing to see how she’s grown! Your CD is in the mail! :) Emily


Adorable Brothers

These are some gorgeous brothers…that’s not hard to see.
OK, so they weren’t all that excited about hanging out with me but I totally get that. They had no idea who the crazy lady with the camera was…even though I DID help out with their mom’s church youth group when she was in HIGH SCHOOL.
Yeah, I’m not feeling old right now….not one little bit. Hah.
I loved taking these pictures. These boys are so photogenic and adorable. We tried so hard to get Big Brother to sit next to his new baby brother for some photos for their grandmother… man, did I try. I broke out the crackers, the cookies, all the non-pink/sparkly/frilly toys I could find in my house – you name it. Thankfully we did get some brother kisses in there and some great shots of his gorgeous eyes….these guys are knockouts! Thanks for tolerating me Big Brother! :)

Sneak Peak of itty bitty Baby R

I was surprised when Baby R’s mother contacted me a few weeks early and said “She’s here! Can you come?”

And she is SO adorable. She is itty bitty and was perfectly content to sleep through all of our fawning over her. My favorite part was when we put on a very special hat that had been made for her with so much love, the sweet girl couldn’t stop smiling!
She knows how loved she is already.
What a beautiful girl. And I was so blessed to meet her! Thanks Baby R, for letting me act as paparazzi for the afternoon. I’m sure your fan club will just continue to grow and grow! :)

Preview for Addie’s Family

Baby A 13 10 30

My youngest and I got to meet this pretty baby girl while she was still in the hospital – these pictures were taken 4 days later – can you BELIEVE that hair? My girls were all BALD when they were born and stayed that way for a very long time afterwards. We are very jealous of Addie’s beautiful hair…Very….Jealous. ;)

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