Out sick + ANOTHER free print

So we’re out sick and focusing on keeping things running around here with 4/5ths of us down with an annoying cold. The only one NOT sick is our oldest – I’ve GOT to figure out how she keeps avoiding all the bugs that her younger sisters pick up and then pass on to us. The girl’s got an immune system of steel.

Since we’re definitely not up to being creative or writing about it – how about another free print? Should be able to just open, right click, “save as”…enjoy!


Please remember these are for personal use only ;) Thanks! You’re awesome!



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  1. Oh thank you thank you for sharing!! I seriously am in LOVE with this print!!

  2. Yay!! So glad you like it!!

  3. So love this Emily!!!

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL! I love your work. Please feel better soon! xo

    • Thanks Michelle! I hope we can kick this cold SOON. It’s holding on! Glad you like this freebie :) Happy to share!

  5. Hello! I just love this print to death, and would like to hang it up in my bedroom. I’m thinking of trying to create a similar print to hang up with it…. would you mind telling me what font you used? Thanks!!! :)

  6. Danielle Woodlee

     /  June 21, 2021

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